Saturday, January 28, 2012

Morning Meeting 1

Hello Happy Friends!  It's been about a month since I've thrown a few smiles your way.  I have a plan to help me with this and it's sure to give goofy grins!  ;)

I'm studying to be an elementary teacher!!  This semester I'm focusing on the nature and management of a classroom.  A great way to practice this is creating lesson plans for morning meetings.  The morning meeting, an instructional strategy, is a time to demonstrate and practice the social-emotional intellectual habits that when combined help create a community of learners.  These communities are full of learning and provide a safe, respectful place for all voices and ideas to be heard.  In this way, children become increasingly invested in their learning and become gradually more responsible for their habits of the mind and heart.

 Each week, my group is responsible for preparing a Morning Meeting Lesson Plan.  I want to prepare something that children can enjoy!  Certainly, if a child can enjoy it, the children within can enjoy it too!

Until May (with a few exceptions, of course) I will post a little practice for me and a little fun for you!!  

Included for each meeting are as follows:

Welcome!  Introducing new ways to say hello can be a fun start to the day.
Morning Greeting Activity!  How can we wake those sleepy heads up?  
Celebrations!  Allowing students to share what they did over the weekend, special family news, or anything that may be important to them will help build a community.
In the News!  In order to build a strong community, sharing needs to happen within, but everyone should also be aware of what's happening in other communities.
Read Aloud!  Choosing a book that reveals strong characteristics and clear morals can help the children enter the world of learning.

Let's get started!!

This is for Tuesday, January 31, 2012:

Greet the person next to you as if you were a gorilla.

Gorillas communicate with each other by using gestures, body postures, facial expressions, vocal sounds, chest slaps, drumming, etc.  Although they cannot make the sounds of human speech, gorillas are capable of understanding spoken languages and they can learn to communicate in sign language.

Morning Greeting Activity!

Who can open their banana the fastest?

Fruits are one of the plant like foods gorillas eat.


I tried a new flavor of ice cream.  It's called 'Cookie Doughn't You Want Some'.  It's from Cold Stone.  During the month of January, they were giving away free waffle cones with any purchase of a signature flavor.

In the News! 

National Gorilla Suit Day!
Do you know what a mascot is?  Gorilla suits are full embodied costumes that resemble a gorilla.

Read Aloud!