Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Share a little Easter joy!

I will always remember those early morning scavenger hunts.  Tiptoeing through the dew infested grass, in search for a big bright basket filled to the ream with a girls favorite things.  I had a lot riding on this discovery: finger nail polish, hair accessories, bubbles, water guns, coloring books, and candy.  

Those days are long gone as I stand at the beginning of my twenties.  Now, I find myself hiding the goodies instead of being the one to find them.  There is a thrill of knowing where the eggs are and watching the children seek the variety of color among the solid green.  The opportunity to be apart of something like this is not a guarantee as I have no children of my own.  BUT, I have to spread the joy.  

My little brother is four years old and I have a new sister who will be two-months old on Easter day.  In celebration of my sister, Easter, and Jason's fifth birthday (at the end of April), I decided to send a care-package.  This is the first time I've ever done something of this magnitude.  It took a lot of planning and organizing.  Here's how I did it!

1. Find a place to shop that has fun, inexpensive trinkets!

      2. Be sure to set a budget.  

Shopping for others is a weakness of mine, I will go over-over-over board!

3. Decide what kinds of things you plan on sending your love ones!  

Most of what I sent themed around Easter.  It's always fun to play with egg-shaped chalk!!!  I also sent an Easter dress for my was the smallest thing I've ever seen, complete with a diaper cover!!  I sent my brother an assortment of neck ties to go along with his new shorts and polo shirt.  For his birthday, I sent the game Operation...Tomater style!  I stuck something in there for my step-mom as well, she can't be forgotten.

4.  Pack your gifts safe and sound, so that they will arrive without harm.

I included a note, so they could read and recieve the love.

5.  Request pictures!!  

The worst part about sending a care-package is not being there once it's opened.

Share a little Easter joy with someone you love.  Send a care-package!