Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Renovations: Let's face it, HAPPY needed a make-over!

'a HAPPY how to' has been a working progress for a couple of years now.  I’ve had some good posts and some bad ones.  It’s the life and reality of being a busy writer.  Still, I want to give those smiling faces lots of attention.  So here’s the deal, I thought about giving HAPPY a face lift.  She’s had a lot of work done; it may take a little bit for the “swelling” to go down.  So please be patient.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are several NEW pages.  These are straight off of my pinterest account.  I find so much inspiration shuffling through others discoveries…I thought it might be fun to do a little building based off of that.
Teacher Things: For the aspired and experienced.  Some of you may have picked up by now that I am studying to be a teacher.  Not only that, but currently I substitute and I teach a group at church once a week.  There's LOTS of resources out there for teachers and I wanted to share things that I have found here.  This may include websites, projects, crafts, lesson plans, tips, parties, and much more!
FOOD: Low calorie and otherwise.  We all love food.  Some of us like to cook it but we all love to eat it.  Whether your a calorie-counter (guilty!) or a fan...this is where you'll find the JUICE.  Find recipes and more!  If there is a specific thing your looking to cook, let me know!
a work of ART: It's what you make it.  One way for sure that I've found happiness is through expressing myself.  You might try something new, or maybe you just want to be inspired.  Find out more on this page - want to build something but not sure how, just ask!
LOSE it.  We should all try to be the best we can be...and as cliche as it sounds, exercising and eating properly have helped me to do just that.  Need training techniques, motivation, tips, and more?  Look no further, HAPPY has it!
...The other thing you might notice is that there is a new Creative Commons copyright license.  I feel official!  Take a look at that below if you have any interest in using my HAPPY.
What other improvements can HAPPY make?  List your suggestions in the comment section below.