Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Language Guru

While I was in Guatemala, I realized just how vital it is to know at least the basics in other languages.  It was hard to communicate.  I found myself doing a lot of hand gestures...pointing to colors or buildings.  When it came to actually having to use Spanish 101, my vocabulary was slim.  While I was there I picked up a few nice sayings, "Hermosa bailarina" (beautiful dancer) or "Dios es amor" (God is love).  So in all this effort to communicate I thought about how nice it would be to learn to compliment someone in another language.  It seemed to go a lot farther in Guatemala than "Hola" (hello).

Here are a few of my favorites!!

Spanish     Me ecanta el sonido de su risa... I love the sound of your laugh.
French     Tant que vous etes la, je ne m'inquiete pas ou nous allons... as long
               as you're there, I don't care where we go.
Dutch     Je maakt me een beter mens...  You make me a better person.
Filipilino     Mayroon kang maraming klase...  You have a lot of class.
Latin     Qui habitu procedit ut puteum cum tone de corio tuo...  That dress goes so well with the tone of your skin.
Learn how to compliment people in another language, but make sure the compliments are unique and quirky and slightly crazy.