Saturday, January 10, 2015

Celestial Seasonings Taste Test

Mmmmmm... don't you love taste testing?!  I love going to places and trying something new.  It's a simple process.  Select, sample, settle. 

My first impression of Candy Cane Lane was the smell.  A beautiful combination of green tea leaves, peppermint, and other botanicals created a very pleasant scent.  I use our Keurig for the hot water versus boiling or microwaving water.  It works nice because the temperature of the water is just right and it gives me the exact amount of water I want.  Also, the wait time is so minimal.  Usually with green tea, I'll add a teaspoon of honey as a sweetener.  For this though, since I'm trying it for the first time, I used a sugar cube and a candy cane to stir.  As soon as I could I plopped in the tea bag and watched it steep. 

I absolutely love green tea.  The Holiday Tea is good, but the peppermint is not my flavor.  If you appreciate the hint of mint, you will like this mixture!  Celestial Seasonings does a great job with their tea!  Try other some of their other flavors like the green tea or herbal tea!

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.