Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cyber Diary

A lot of the emails we get on a daily basis are what we categorize as, "junk email".  Most of them are from our favorite shops and they contain the newest sale options or thrifty bargains. Unless a birthday is coming up or I just realized I have an abundance of money lying around (because that happens so often), I delete them.  

The other emails we receive are the professional emails...you know, the ones with to-do lists, outstanding projects, the refined budget, or upcoming events.  These, although important, aren't the ones we look forward to.  They aren't the ones I look forward to.

I like the ones from the people in my life; my family and friends.  These emails hold a sense of value that those other correspondents do not.  I love looking back over emails and see how my relationships have evolved.

What is your favorite email?  Maybe it’s a message from your brother, telling you how your niece talked about you during her Show-and-Tell session.  Or perhaps you want to save the email from your boss in which he praises your insight and persistence in finishing a particularly difficult project.  And of course, you’ll want to save the sweet flirty emails from your crush or love notes from your significant other.