Thursday, March 21, 2013

Build the PERFECT Easter Basket!

I loved finding my basket after the Easter bunny would drop it off.  My dad would hide mine and my sisters baskets in the yard and we'd have to look for it.  It was almost like an Easter egg hunt with personalized goodies rolled up in one adventure.  So, this year, get your kids hopping with happiness over their baskets!  Visit for other creative ideas!

To build the perfect Easter basket, you will need some happiness to fill it with!  Try fun foam ideas, special gifts, and other basket stuffers.

Fun Foam Ideas
One thing I always got in my basket was something to keep me busy.  I'm sure my parents had a motive for that, but I loved it because whatever it was I could keep for a long time.  I liked the candy, but if your kid is anything like me, the candy was gone after a few hours. 

Fun Foam Kits are great for the kid who likes to create things of their own imaginations.  With these you can create decorative wall hangers or paper bag puppets, like rabbits, chicks, or frogs.  They even have paper mache eggs.  Those are messy, but its an egg you'll never forget!!

Other creative ideas for your Easter basket: puzzles, coloring books, and paint-by-numbers!

Special Gifts
My mom always managed to sneak in something special for me.  It was something that I would get that my sisters wouldn't.  (They would get their own special gifts though!)  Every year it would change based off of my interests.  I've received finger nail polish, personalized jewelry, stuffed animals, designer kits to make friendship bracelets, books, movies, and music!

For boys you could try legos, t-shirts, hot wheels, sports stuff, and of course books, movies, and music would work too!

A special gift hidden amoung all the candy and crafts will make your child feel like they were really thought of when you were building this perfect Easter basket.

Other Basket Stuffers
- Candy!  You can't forget the good stuff.  My favorite candy has always been the Robin Egg whoppers, try those!
- If you do a coloring book or something like that, make sure to include the crayons, markers, paint, etc.
- Sidewalk Chalk, a jump rope, a frisbee (something fun to do outside)!

What kinds of things would you like to see in your Easter Basket?

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