Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunshine in October

I heard on the radio this morning that the month with the best weather is October.  I can agree with that.  I love the autumn and everything that comes with it.  Light long-sleeved blouses, boots, scarfs...an endless list of corresponding attire.  There are other things to enjoy though.  Changing of the leaves, desserts that are inspired by the season (wink, wink).  There are so many things we look forward to during the fall.  The  best thing about moving into a season of color, though, is the cooler weather.  After spending three months (or longer in some cases) baking in the heat, the slightly less baking is usually welcomed with open, covered arms.  For most this is true, but we shouldn't forget about the one thing that made us so happy throughout the summer.

The sun.

It's warm rays shining down a few months ago are still here.  However it is that that mad science stuff happens, it does and we shouldn't neglect it.  I don't mean striping down to your ski bees and laying out in the grass with goosebumps.  Instead, try having a picnic.  You can do this in your boots after all.  

This isn't as fun as eating tons of food outside, but I'm going to read a book.  I love to read and doing it outside where it's not too cold or hot is quite nice.  Besides, I could use a little color on my face.

Go outside and get some sunshine.  While you’re out there soaking it all in, doodle all kinds of sunshiny prettiness here.  – The Happy Book

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exploring Happy Meals, Part 3

In only a weekend, I've moved on from the FF combo.  For all you that don't might understand that lingo...Fried Food.  This is because, I was humored and inspired by a McDonald's employee.

hmmm...want to understand a little more why this might be the third successor to Happy Meals...proceed...

I pulled through McDonald’s all of 30 minutes ago and noticed the new Sweet Autumn shake. As someone who likes to try new things, I wanted to know what was in this mysterious dessert. So I asked. The reply was of no help; the woman I was speaking to said, “uh, it tastes like Autumn. Like Halloween.” I chose to go a different route this time, but curiosity takes on a whole new role with this one. I want to know, WHAT IS IN THIS THING? Before seeing exploring a little more, I looked at McDonald’s website and it said the following:

“Football, falling leaves, soccer, pumpkins, hay bales, volleyball, turkeys! These are some of our favorite things that remind us that FALL IS ALMOST HERE! And now, we have one more thing to add to our Fall Favorites: the New Triple Thick McCafe Sweet Autumn Shake! 

Our newest McCafe shake combines delectably creamy reduced fat ice cream with the fresh flavor of Autumn. And if that’s not good enough, we add whipped topping and a cherry. The McCafe Sweet Autumn Shake is only here for a limited time, so hurry in and try yours today!”

Can you see why I might still be skeptical? I did find a fellow blogger that mentioned a few ingredients…but I’d like clarity…and I need your help. 

What does Autumn taste like?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exploring Happy Meals, Part 2: Fried Food

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted something.  Happy or not so much, I’ve neglected my audience… Forgive me. 

I’ve mentioned before that as a student, school occupies 99% of my time.
The other 1% is chopped up in so many other directions.
Still, I’ve thought of you often.
This has probably been the LONGEST running series in the history of successions!!  I started this as a means to explore what every American thoroughly enjoys and often indulge in…FOOD.  
As part 2 of the ‘ever so long’ came to me while pondering what my weekend might be like.
It just so happens that this time of year brings many things…the State Fair being one of them…and along with it…Fried Food.  This is probably the best F combination.  Fried Food.
 The theme for this year is: Find Your Happy.
I think they should have called it, Fried Food Fountain of Happy.
A little extreme, maybe?
Still, the actual theme fits.
Fried Food #1:   Fried Kool-Aid.
“[…] deep-fried Kool-Aid balls make all previous fried creations seems like pure child's play[…]” (www.huffingtonpost.com)

Stay tuned.  After taste-testing this weekend, the list will expand.
What’s your favorite fair food?  Fried or otherwise.