Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Best App for Losing Weight: Lose It!

I stood on the scale this morning.  

I hate starting my day like this because if it turns out I have not lost any weight, the heavy feeling that is my frightening BMI (Body Mass Index) weighs me down even more.  The orange scale you see above, also known as the Lose It logo, is not so scary.  This brightly colored, unmoving, number box has helped me lose weight (13 pounds thus far) and has allowed me to move towards the healthy and fit, wide-eyed southern girl I've always wanted to be.  It is the best app for losing weight and it is free.  

Why Lose It?In a nut-shell... you will carry a health adviser in your pocket.  Seriously, you cannot go wrong with that!  More than that, though, it is a customizable weight loss plan.  It includes a daily calorie budget.  All you have to do is log what you eat and log your exercises!!  As you do this, your daily budget will adjust.  

Logging your food and exercise is easy!  Once you've entered an item, it will save it so that it's easy to find again.  You can even add previous meals, recipes, or search by restaurant.  Can't find what you're looking for, create your own item! Adding exercise is simple too!  Just search for the activity you participated in and log the length of time.  (This part varies depending on your personalized information.)  I love what they offer here though, because it includes the typical exercises we're used to seeing, but it also includes other things from sports to chores!  Yes, you can log vacuuming and it's amazing how much house cleaning you'll get done considering your also burning calories!!

In addition to your daily summary, it will also show you your weekly summary, and your overall nutrients.  

GoalsI will be honest with you.  The first few weeks of using this app is tough.  Not because it is hard to use or frustratingly faulty, but because you are working on portion control.  You are making a commitment to scale back.  It takes some time for your body to get used to that.  It is a GOOD life changing goal, though.  No more 3 month diets where you eat chalky foods!  No more daily shots!  Good news: you can still eat ice cream and cake on birthday's and enjoy holiday meals.  Personally, I use holidays and vacations as my cheat days where I don't log.  Enjoying the things that come to you (including stuffing-your-face or couch-potato-fest) is what we call life.  Like most things, though, an excess of this can be bad for you.

Seeing my progress... the magic of every pound lost is totally worth it!!  Lose It gives you an estimated date as to when you will reach your goal.  My advice, start small.  I wanted to lose a total of (Yikes!) 44 pounds.  The first time I started with this app, I put that entire amount in.  Bad idea!!  Instead, start with realistic goals.  Try 10 pounds!  At this point, it sounds better for me to say I have 7 more pounds to lose (instead of saying I have 31 more pounds)!  After I reach this goal, I will start a new goal of 10 more pounds.  The excitement lasts longer and keeps your motivation up!  

Remember this, if nothing else, you are moving toward a healthier you.  That is your ultimate goal.  That is my ultimate goal.  I may not have washboard abs this summer, but I will be closer to that than I was when I started.  Plus, it will be a more realistic goal for me next summer!  Small steps to a healthier you!

Visit and start LOSING now!  I will share my appreciation and excitement as I continue losing weight, trying new recipes, and work-out's!  A healthier, HAPPY-er me. 

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