Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Play On!

Having an unstoppable summer?

The older I get, the more my summer's are filled and packed with things to do.  As an adult, you realize that there are only 100 days (give or take) to squeeze in... everything.  The summer gives us the illusion of freedom and we make plans without limits.  We play on. 

- going to a drive-in movie
- taking a stroll... just because you can
- reliving childhood past times, like blowing bubbles, with a nephew or niece
- reliving favorite childhood games, with a little brother or sister
- visiting an amusement park
- playing miniature golf
- visiting a local fair/event
- catching fireflies
- participating in beach activities (build a sandcastle, dig a hole, or find shells)
- eating seafood
- picking berries
- buying ice cream from a truck
- roasting marshmallow's over a fire and making s'mores
- making lemonade or punch from scratch
- grilling out and inviting your neighbors
- laying out for a tan
- eating a slice of watermelon on your car
- buying fresh produce at a farmer's market
- having a picnic
- napping in a hammock
- sitting on a porch swing
- stargazing while lying in the grass
- watching the sunset from the beach
- dangling your feet off of a dock
- going to an outdoor concert
- picking wildflowers
- going swimming in the lake
- renting a bike
- going fishing
- going camping
- playing tennis
- going for a hike
- tossing a Frisbee
- taking a last minute road trip
- seeing a summer blockbuster
- reading a book
- walking barefoot in the grass
- getting "caught" in a summer rainstorm
- sleeping with the windows open
- making a summer playlist
- smelling freshly cut grass
- feeling the sun on your back
- rolling up your pant legs and go wading
- going to a baseball game
- going to a family reunion
- attending a wedding
- volunteering
- do something... just because

Need motivation to help you get there?
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Have an unstoppable summer.

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