Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrate Yourself!

Whoo hoo!  Go me…
1.   I have beautiful eyes.  They are hazel, but look green.  If you are really close, you can see yellow in them.  It looks as if there is a sunflower lying on a field of awesome grass!!
2.   If there was a show called American Idol from the shower, I would win without a blink of an eye.  I have an AMAZING singing voice….all the time, of course…but the shower makes it even better.
3.   I have the ability to bolt myself to ground.  It’s true…ask any of my friends.
There is nothing wrong with celebrating yourself.  For anybody who reads this, and doesn’t already know me, I thought I’d fill you in a little bit.  Of course, as this blog grows you’ll get to know me better. 
Before I get started, I want to say that even on the tough days; there is something to be happy about.  Let’s fast-forward to the present days.  We’ll reminisce later. 
I am 21 years old…currently independent.  Or should I say currently struggling to be independent.  They tell you in grade school that they are preparing you for life.  Learning to color inside the lines, all the complicated math problems, memorizing historical dates, summer reading, deciding who to sit next to at lunch, being yourself and alone, or changing for a few people you will never see again... The repetition, endless nights of studying, double checking your book bag to make sure you didn’t forget anything for school the next day; only to find out once you get to class that you forgot your paper.  As much as I learned throughout grade school, middle school, and high school, I can tell you that no amount of knowledge, golden rules, or mini life lessons can prepare you for what life really does have to offer. 
WARNING there is a lot of stress. 
Monetary stress, specifically.  Yes, of course, you worry about future exams, keeping up with your absences, getting to work on time, doing the laundry…not to mention daydreaming about that special someone…overanalyzing the things that they say, and the things that haven’t said.  On top of school, work, and normal everyday “independent – I need to take care of myself” duties, you have to remember the bills. 
Oversized stress makers:  Payments for school, taxes, rent, electricity, car payments, car insurance, gas, food, life insurance, credit cards, blah, blah, blah…the list could go on…don’t forget if you want to have the slightest social life, that costs money to.
The point…
Now with all of that said…the back story… I decided that at 21, oversized stress makers even 6 days a week were not worth it...now the search for a roommate.  A very short couple of days later, my friend Randy raised his hand and said “pick me”!  Almost the best two words I have ever heard… he moves in next Friday…obviously more on him later. 
But, since he is moving in, I needed to move a few things around my apartment.  I live in a two bedroom…and came across a couple of boxes I haven’t unpacked.  I didn’t unpack them because I didn’t have anywhere to put the stuff…and still don’t.  I wanted to look through them though…maybe get rid of some things I didn’t need.  I found a lot of cool things though…things that at one point in my life, I felt the need to hold on to it.  So in celebrating me…and downsizing the stress makers…I wanted to post a lot of this old stuff...but had trouble.  Instead, I linked cool websites that reminded me of those things.  I hope you enjoy these things like I did…it’s interesting to see what I felt I needed to hold on to…
1. An Alarm Clock!
2. The Big Mo Cup! The Big Mo is a drive in movie theater. 
If your not from Columbia SC...or close to it...check out this website to find drive-in movies near you. 
3.  Pictures of Old Jobs! 
4.  Pictures from The Mast General Store
5. Post Cards!
6. Things from Road Trips!  In December 2003, I took a trip to New York City!  It was the best road trip!
7. Letters from Friends!
8. Valentine's Day Cards!
9. Doodles from Friends!
10. Certificates!
11. A pile of class work from Journalism 101!
12. My acceptance letter for "Silver Screen Report".  The "Silver Screen Report" is a broadcast show my high school did, and I was a reporter!

Whether you’re a fan or not there’s something to be said for celebrating yourself and singing yourself, for giving voice to your inner beauty.  Find at least three things that you really like about yourself.  Write them here.  Shamelessly brag about yourself.  Quiz your friends on your list, until they can recite it too.  Celebrate yourself, and sing yourself. 
 – The Happy Book

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