Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It was love at ...dOuBlE tAkE...

Clichés. old joke...a saying...a principle...a rule...

a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse

What’s your favorite cliché? 

A grandma that makes the best chocolate chip cookies…
…a childhood favorite, fun loving puppy…
…a sky full of rainbows?

Mine…“It was love at first sight.”

Is it so wrong to believe in something that everybody else believes in…or even so, to believe in something that people are gradually growing out of?

As a child, I watched movies like Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella…okay so Disney movies.  Still, as a little girl, you dream about your prince charming.  You just know the day you lay your eyes on him, you’ll KNOW.  There’s something so beautiful in believing this.  Even after you meet your true love, and it turns out it wasn’t love at first sight; don’t you find yourself reminiscing about the first time you met them?  When was it that you made eye contact?  Was it across a crowded room?  Did the loud music and heavy conversation turn into wispy air?  Or was it somebody that you have known for a long time, and all of a sudden, one day you see them in a different way?  A friend, that treated you the way you would want to be treated, “then someone bends unexpectedly”. 

For me, I don’t think it’s going to be love at first sight.  It is a wonderful thought…and don’t misjudge what I’m saying…I think that there will be something there.  Some unknown magical bond between me and prince charming…somehow I will know that he is important to me.  Will it be love?  I think love guides that magical feeling…are they one in the same…perhaps.  But I know that I will need to take a closer look.  The first look though, is just as important, as every look after that. 

My sister got married…
The instrumental version of Can You Feel the Love Tonight played softly, almost an aura of sentiment.  Linked arm in arm, a bitter sweet expression lay upon my father’s face, as he took the last few steps with his single daughter.  My father’s never been one for habitual sweet words, I know without a doubt, though, he volunteered for them that night.  As quickly as the day had come, the bride was giggling with glee, one blink later, she was waving a decorated hand at her tear ducts.  “Who gives the bride?” echoed, bouncing off of Carolina trees, and twinkled lights; “Her mother and I”...

Everyone’s eyes had been on the bride…but as my father’s hand returned to his side, the peanut gallery of sniffles now watched the groom.  His eyes said everything his voice wouldn’t.  Knowing them like I do, they probably created mores code for “you look beautiful” and “I love you stinky”.


Do you know the saying… my life flashed before my eyes?  If it were me standing at the altar, you could have paused that moment, and in a bold caption encircling that picture, it would read our life “slide showed” before my eyes…and I am happy 

I could not tell you what Kasie or Jay was thinking. I do not know if they fell in love at first sight.  I do not know if it happened the second time they saw each other or the forth-seventh.  What is amazing though…is knowing that one decision you make has the opportunity to change your life forever.  For Kasie and Jay, they met in a 10th grade math class.  Perhaps they chose not to talk to one another…would they be hitched now?

Keep your eyes peeled…maybe the stranger loaning you there pencil is your prince charming or lady to be…

Love at first sight might not exist…but does that mean you should not believe in it just because there’s a possibility it could be love at “double take”?

Give it a chance. Live happily ever after.

There are certain unspoken associations of happiness, but just because lots of people love something doesn’t mean it’s wrong for you to love it too.  Pick your favorite happy cliché, and write about it here.  – The Happy Book


  1. I just wanted to first say congrats to Kasie :D Now, I don't think I ever watched Disney movies as a child and thought about jumping on a white horse and taking Snow White out on the town :P... I just don't think guy's think that way.. Little Mermaid was hott though. She makes me want to go out and buy scuba gear and I would fly on a magic carpet with Jasmine anyday... but let's keep it PG :p I just don't think personally, you can walk down the road looking at your phone; bump into someone and have that someone BE the one... Not saying it's impossible but love at first sight, seems like something from the romance section at Blockbuster... The double take... Triple take.. X amount of takes :P Love is a proccess that comes with time.. Someone told me recently "If it's meant to be it will be." I don't think love is complicated, I think people are... I feel I can dish the advice...I just don't know how to do anything about my own life.. Oh BTW: Sleep makes me happy :P I have been in love before and for me, it wasn't at first sight... it was something that happened over time so I guess it's just different for everyone.. I would be more profound about this but Im sleepy and Im going to bed :p

  2. Thank you Larry for commenting. I think the expression, It was love at first sight, gives people hope. I believe you have to take a closer look to know if that person is compatible with you. But just because it seems so unrealistic for two people to fall in love after first meeting each other, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe that it’s possible.

    I think that expression is referencing two people falling in love quickly and passionately.

    People are complicated Larry, but if you love someone and that person loves you back, there are ways to steer from that complication.

    ps SLEEP is good. :)

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  3. Maybe if Taylor Swift realizes she loves me too, we might not have a problem :p It's hard to find anything to have hope in, especially during this day and age. It's hard to find anything to have faith in. I have been interested in a few people and liked them in the last year or so. However, I haven't had any magic Disney movie moments lately :P If people want to find the hope and faith in that kind of love; good for them. What about the rest of us though? God is love- that's the only true top love... I may have days more often where I'm crawling through the minutes of the day but that's what I hold to...

  4. Hello again, Larry! It’s not hard to find things to have hope in, it’s hard to have that hope; to continuously believe in something. But that’s what makes having that hope so great. God is love, I agree with you completely. Through him all things are possible, including finding a way to have that hope…and if you believe in him and what he has in store for you…he will not let you down. He will bring you someone ten times better than Mrs. Taylor Swift…although, she is pretty awesome! Keep your chin up and your faith in God, it’ll work out.

  5. I mainly joke around about Taylor Swift :p I do love her and would love to meet her. As far as dating her? What are the chances of that, you know? It would be nice though, I wouldn't know what to say to her. I'm not really interested in anyone. I don't really have time to date I guess. I'm around a lot of people, I just don't meet people if that makes sense. You're right, it is hard to continuously believe in stuff time after time after time... I start out my days at times, not wanting to be angry or full of hate but things get so tiresome you know? I guess I just got to keep pushing.

  6. Hello Larry!! Everybody goes through what you’re going through. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, thankful that God gave me another day to glorify him. But, I am human. I have bad days, I have hard times. I get sad, angry, depressed… Some days, I wonder which direction I’m headed. But…the more I practice that kind of negativity, the more it will conqueror my world. I started this blog to keep the positivity in my life and to help others practice that positivity too. I can’t guarantee that things will get better right away, but if you practice some of the exercises I’ve mentioned at the end of each blog, it might help to think positive… and if nothing else, it will brighten your day! Get others to think positive with you…and you can be accountable for each other!!

  7. You're right, negativity will take over. It's hard to see the light when there's so much darkness around. That's what we have to do though I guess, keep looking for the positive and stay focused on it.

  8. There you go, Larry!! It’s not something you can do every now and then, you have to practice it. “Practice makes perfect”, right?! :)

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  9. Yeah for the most part it does. Thanks for the advice :) Hope your week is going good so far, even though it's only Monday. I guess I've been working since Friday and I'm not off until Thursday, so my week's already started a while ago. I need to be getting ready to go to school and then it's off to work again.

  10. Well – that’s what I’m here for!

    I’ll tell you, one thing that’s good to start your positive thinking…smile. When you smile for no reason, it will be easier to smile when there is something to smile about. Plus, others will see you smile. Hang in there… you’ll be alright!!

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  11. I sure hope so :P Love Ya Kiddo I just got off work at midnight and I ammmm tirrrrred... What are you doing this weekend?

  12. Just to prove that im a follower im leaving a comment :) Thanks for putting "Our Love Story" as one of your "projects" lol.
    I liked your blog, very cute and sweet :)

  13. Thanks Kasie, for commenting!! …and for becoming a follower…even though, it still doesn’t show up…ha-ha.

    And you’re welcome! I gather inspiration from my life – what can I say?! :)

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