Friday, November 5, 2010

Absolute Favorite People

One of my absolute favorite people is my Momall. 
Rita Carol Peyton
Birthday: (Today) – November 5
One thing that’s great about your grandparents is the comfort you feel when you’re with them or talking to them.
I know when I talk to my Momall; I can always count on talking about the weather.  It’s such a simple choice in topic – and yet hearing about the seasons change warms my heart. 
It reminds me that although life continues and as things alter in their age or beauty, one thing remains…family.
Who are your favorite people in the world?  List them here... 
– The Happy Book


  1. One of my favorite persons was my Dad, Jack Keller who taught me that "Life goes by like a fart in the wind" and we should enjoy today!
    Great blog Chelsea,
    Mike Keller

  2. LOL - Michael, your dad sounds like a smart and humorous man!

    Thanks again, for the encouragement.