Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Map

Travel to a place where dreams come true!

As lucky as a girl can be, I recently took a trip to the ever so magical Disney World.  Shaking pixie dust from my hair and finding it hard to quit practicing ‘princess hands’ is not enough.  As a diehard fan of a place that makes every dream come true, it is my duty to pass on the enchantment of Walt. 

Disney Fan?
Head on over to Google Maps ( and create your own personalized happy map of the all the countries, cities, and streets that mean the world to you. 
Print it out and paste a copy here.

-       The Happy Book

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  1. LOVE the background on your blog. So festive! I really had a great time at Disney World with you. Start saving now for DW 2011...Grand Floridian! Love you Chelsea!