Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Perfect Sunday

Every day of the week holds something special – it is different from every other day for one particular reason or another.

Monday’s are the beginning of the week for most people – including me.  It means I’ve got a long week of work ahead of me, and I’m still relaxed from the weekend; when I get off work, I make it a point to do nothing when I get home.  It’s also a fresh start, whatever I fell short on the week before, I can make up on this day.

Tuesday’s remind me of my dad.  If ever you asked a when question, he would say, “on a Tuesday”.  I don’t have to work on Tuesday’s…instead I spend all day at school.  My days are still as early as Monday’s, and as long…but the pace is much different.

Wednesday’s are the middle of the week, aka Hump Day.  For me, more referring to it being on top of the hill, I can see the bottom…just a few more days until the weekend.  I also get to spend Wednesday evenings at church – which is always fun!

Thursday’s are my half and half days.  I spend the first half of the day at work and the other half at school.  I finish off the evenings at the gym with my excellent trainer (my-knight-in-clunky-armor)…(I also try to do this on Tuesday’s)!

Friday’s are the best kind of days because when you leave work, you know you can do anything...the world is yours!  Why?  You can taste Saturday…the weekend is so close.

Saturday…I get to sleep in!  The rest of the day – whenever I decide to get up – is MINE!  I get to mold it however I want…and change it weekly.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  Although… Sunday’s are a more structured type of relaxation.  My perfect Sunday involves starting it with a warm breakfast, with my knight, of course.  We chat on the way to church.  We indulge ourselves in a Sunday school lesson, greet friendly faces as we join in fellowship – we sing, we praise, we worship, we pray, we listen to our preacher and to God – , we go home and enjoy a home cooked meal (most of the time).  We spend time with our family and friends, we relax.  We expand on our dreams and share in laughter.  We prepare our hearts and minds for the upcoming week.  We gather once more for the last meal of the day…and we relax some more.  Sometimes we gallivant out on the town…sometimes we stay in.  But we spend our Sunday’s the way we would want to spend every other day of the week.  Sunday’s make it so much harder to get up and do it all again on Monday. 

Describe your perfect Sunday.  – The Happy Book

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