Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exploring Happy Meals, Part 3

In only a weekend, I've moved on from the FF combo.  For all you that don't might understand that lingo...Fried Food.  This is because, I was humored and inspired by a McDonald's employee.

hmmm...want to understand a little more why this might be the third successor to Happy Meals...proceed...

I pulled through McDonald’s all of 30 minutes ago and noticed the new Sweet Autumn shake. As someone who likes to try new things, I wanted to know what was in this mysterious dessert. So I asked. The reply was of no help; the woman I was speaking to said, “uh, it tastes like Autumn. Like Halloween.” I chose to go a different route this time, but curiosity takes on a whole new role with this one. I want to know, WHAT IS IN THIS THING? Before seeing exploring a little more, I looked at McDonald’s website and it said the following:

“Football, falling leaves, soccer, pumpkins, hay bales, volleyball, turkeys! These are some of our favorite things that remind us that FALL IS ALMOST HERE! And now, we have one more thing to add to our Fall Favorites: the New Triple Thick McCafe Sweet Autumn Shake! 

Our newest McCafe shake combines delectably creamy reduced fat ice cream with the fresh flavor of Autumn. And if that’s not good enough, we add whipped topping and a cherry. The McCafe Sweet Autumn Shake is only here for a limited time, so hurry in and try yours today!”

Can you see why I might still be skeptical? I did find a fellow blogger that mentioned a few ingredients…but I’d like clarity…and I need your help. 

What does Autumn taste like?

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