Thursday, December 2, 2010

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The difference in those things that make people happy is worth discovering. 
I am a happy person…a lot of things make me happy.  When I first started this blog, I asked everyone to create a list of things that make them happy.  What’s great about this list is you can continuously add to it; every day I find something new that makes me smile. 
Not only can you add to your own list, but you can ask others to create a list as well…spreading the joy…isn’t that what it’s all about?
With Christmas just 23 days away, most new HAPPY moments is in relation to this merry holiday.  Out of pure excitement, I wanted to add to my list.

11. Listening to ‘Santa Claus Is Back In Town’ by Elvis Presley
12. Reading Christmas children books at Barnes & Noble (specifically those that involve interaction)
13.  Finding a station on the radio, that plays Christmas music ALL day long
14.  Taking a detour to look at Christmas lights
15.  Finding mistletoe and using it to make an excuse to kiss your honey passionately in public
16.  Bumping into ‘Santa Claus’ everywhere you go
17.  Jumping up and down like a 5-year-old child, excited to tell Santa…or a man in red, that looks like Santa…what you want for Christmas
18.  Picking out Christmas cards and writing to your loved ones, wishing them a joyful holiday
19.  Christmas Shopping
20.  Watching someone un-wrap the present you gave them

Guest Scribble
Justin Rice (Tito) from Texas says the smell of new shoes, the smell of a new car, and a puppy sleeping are a few things that make him happy.
Kasie Pryor from Seattle says ice cream sandwiches make her happy. 
To check out things on the other side of the world, that could make you happy, visit

Tommy Metz from Irmo, SC (God's Country) says seeing someone get something they really deserve, (usually someone who has worked really hard to get it), makes him happy.

 Every day, you see the same people – colleagues, classmates, your bus driver, your neighbor.  Find one of those people – someone you see every day, but don’t know well at all – and invite him or her to write a list of a few things that make him or her happy – post it here.
Feeling sheepish? Visit for inspiration.
 – The Happy Book

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