Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Follow Your Nose...

When describing my nose, my sister uses the phrase, “cute as a button”.
Cliché…I know.  But, what can I say…it is rather adorable.
There are so many things you can do with your nose.  For instance…try typing a letter to a friend, using your nose.  (No back spaces!)  : )
Not the typical use for the centerpiece of your face; but one…no matter how senseless.
Your nose can be an accessory…or include accessories.
Main purpose of your nose?…to breathe. 
Try this…think about how less descriptive we would be if we could not smell things. 
“I saw her making a fresh pot of coffee.”
“It’s a brown liquid, very hot.”
“I think it’s ready, I heard the timer go off.”
Would coffee really be that appealing if it didn’t smell so good?
Something that smells so good can be taken for granted.
This is like many other simple things in life.  You wouldn’t miss it unless you no longer had it.
I compiled a list of my favorite smells.  Without them…the saying, “follow your nose”, would cease to exist.
1.    Fresh, hot, caffeinated coffee in the morning
2.    A bathroom that smells like body spray
3.    The ground after it rains
4.    Crayons in use
5.    Puppies breath when they lick your face
6.    Freshly cut grass
7.    Ice cream shop
8.    A barn
9.    Giorgio Armani Men’s cologne on a man
10.  Baby powder on a baby
Write your favorite smells here.  – The Happy Book

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  1. I never thought about crayons, but yes thinking about that; I think they do smell weird but in a good way. I love the smell of camp fires, burning wood; if I could wear that as a cologne I would. I love the smell of these candles that they sell in Bath and Body Works that smell like cookies. I never really gave much thought before on what all of favorite smells are. It is very interesting to think about though.