Saturday, January 29, 2011

Listen to What I Hear.

There are so many sounds – it should be easy to pick a few of my favorite.  The task is actually a little harder than you might think.  Most of the sounds I enjoy are soothing or spark a memory of some sort.
Before I reveal what sounds make me happy, imagine what the world would be like without sounds.  Very quiet.  Imagine how much you could get done, if sounds didn’t distract you.  I know for me, it’s particularly hard to work on my homework if the TV is on.  Even if I’m not looking at it, the sound causes me to lose my focus.  Think about what sounds you would miss.  Sometimes you associate pleasant feelings with a particular sound – that would no longer be true if you could not hear.  You would have to find some other means of association, like scents.
Some of these sounds, I will have to explain to you.  Never-the-less, they are my favorite:
1.    Honk!  My phone makes a particular sound when someone texts me.  It’s not the most sensitive sound, but sometimes I find myself wishing it would go off.  I enjoy hearing from the people who care about me.
2.    Michael Buble!
3.    My little brother’s scrambled words.
4.    “I love you”
5.    Rain on a tin roof
6.    Fireworks
7.    Fire crackling
8.    Snow underneath your feet
9.    Leaves crunching as you walk through them
10. A baby laughing
Write your favorite sounds here.  – The Happy Book

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  1. - The sound the time clock at work makes when I'm LEAVING