Thursday, May 26, 2011

A countdown to Hawaii: 15 days

Hawaiian Photo Scavenger Hunt

So...I plan on doing a little more research about Hawaii, no worries.  BUT, I was thinking about the things the people go to Hawaii to see!  

Now, your all invited to join in on the fun!!!  

Help me come up with a list of at least 10 adjectives or objects you think about when someone says 'Hawaii'.

Once I set foot on solid white sand, I'll start the hunt!!  The hawaiian photo scavenger hunt, that is!

I'm going to post the list and when I return, I'll have a picture of EVERYthing listed! 

Once all the glorious photos are uploaded (mind you, this won't be until after June 20th), you can vote on which picture you like best.

AND...whosever adjective or object previously listed that wins, will get a free ice cream on me!!!  So, there's something in it for everyone!!

Plan your photo scavenger hunt!!

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