Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A countdown to Hawaii: 17 days

Pearl Harbor Visitor Center

The thought of volunteering, of doing something kind, reminded me of visiting Hawaii.  One of the most recognized tragedies happened on the beaches of Hawaii; Pearl Harbor.  Within its story, you’ll find hundreds of people that volunteered that day.  Some risked their lives and others gave everything that they could to save fellow neighbors. 

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, although sad, can have a happy outlining.  We remember those that were killed on that fateful day, but what about those who weren’t?  What about those who volunteered their hands, their energy, their efforts?  Are they remembered?  This is something I’ll look for in visiting the center. I can imagine what it must have been like during the attack on Pearl Harbor.  As I researched to find out more about the PHVC, the song We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn played on the background and it brought a sense of respect and familiarity we all feel as Americans during times like those.

   PHVC’s mission is to offer top-notch visitor services.  The center is a new venue which provides a safe and comfortable place for the visiting public to dine and rest as they visit the museums and historical ships on site and honor the memory of those entombed aboard the USS Arizona.
Volunteering is one of the happiest things you can do, whether it’s helping out at a soup kitchen, cleaning cages at an animal shelter, sorting baby clothes at a women’s services organization, or even helping out at a sea turtle sanctuary in Costa Rica.  You’re busy, sure, but spend an hour giving kittens some love and you’ll forget all about the TPS reports.  They’ll be there tomorrow.  For now, there are kittens. [p.s. there are five adorable kittens I spent time with at my home.  If anybody wants one – let me know!!] Track your volunteer projects here. 
– The Happy Book

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