Monday, May 16, 2011

A countdown to Hawaii: 25 days

It’s been over a month since I’ve thrown a bit of happiness your way.  Even the last couple of posts have been detached.  If you can take a guess as to my many excuses, I’m sure you’re bound to hit one of them.  The most important thing to remember is that I’m an independent college student.  It doesn’t get much crazier than that at my age…especially during exams!

With that said, I have missed spreading a little joy.  Here’s one you may be envious of: ‘a HAPPY how to’ is traveling to Hawaii!  Can you believe it?!
At this point you probably haven’t missed me as much as I’ve missed you, but hear me out.

This time of year, school is either ending or coming close to an end.  Spring has started, but summer is heading our way.  We can’t ignore the obvious evidence.  It’s getting warmer people.  Time will be taken off from work and you will either pack that car for a family trip or head down the road with a group of friends.  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  Trust me!  Hawaii is calling my name.  Why should we anticipate this much needed relaxation with anxiety?
Try this!

Spend some time with an atlas, or the Yellow Pages, or your own experience, and list the happiest-sounding places you can find!
  - The Happy Book

My plan is to luau my way around Hawaii!

Here’s what I came up with…

Kauai (COW-EYE)

Oahu (O-AH-WHO)
One of the islands we’re visiting!!  This island is home to the state capitol and the majority of Hawaii’s population.  O-AH-WHO is a vibrant mix of natural and cultural wonders with the modern arts, entertainment and amenities of the 21st century.  See pro surfers charge the big waves of the legendary North Shore, relive American history at the memorials and museums of Pearl Harbor, or soak up the sun and take a surfing lesson on Waikiki Beach.

Molokai (MO-LO-KYE)

Lanai (LAN-EYE)

Maui (MOU-EE)

This is the second island we’re visiting…and the second largest.  It is home to what some believe are the best beaches in the world!!  The waters off of MOU-EE are also some of the best places in the world to whale watch every winter (which we won’t get to see).  Wake up early to catch the Haleakala sunrise, stroll through the historic hot spot of Lahaina town, or drive the long and winding road to Hana for spectacular scenery.

Hawaii (the big island)

Can you say Aloha!!?

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