Thursday, December 23, 2010

Childhood Games!

Not knowing how the world works can leave your mind to wander. 
You believe things based off of what you already know. 
Children are notorious for behaving this way. 
You did it! 
I did it. 
The next HUNDREDS of generations will do it. 
A child’s imagination is something. 
It’s very comical to think the way that they do.
I remember a lot of the games my sisters and I used to play. 
Being that there were three of us, we had to use quite a bit of our imagination – after all board games were usually designed for an even amount of participants.
LAUGHING…I decided to let others in on the adventures of…
 ‘the Peyton sisters’.
Game # 1:
“If Baby licks you, you have to have Petey lick you within 10 minutes or you die!”

The name of the game, pretty much speaks for itself.
Players:  3
In order to play, you will need the following:
-       (2) small dogs (preferably one named BABY and one named PETEY) (preferably one that licks a lot and another that doesn’t)
-       A lot of room to RUN!
The object of the game: don’t get licked by BABY…or the dog that licks a lot.

Getting started:
-       Decide which dog is ‘evil’ and which dog is ‘good’.  It’s easy to decide!  (The dog that licks a lot is evil – the dog that doesn’t is good.)  oh, how our little, young minds think. : )
-       Start at a random place in this big area…be sure that both dogs are with all participants.
-       Play with the dogs.
-       If the ‘evil’ dog licks you, you have TEN minutes to try to get the ‘good’ dog to lick you.
o   If the ‘good’ dog licks you, you have been saved.
o   If the ‘good’ dog did NOT lick you, whatever body part that ‘evil’ dog licked, is dead. i.e. if the ‘evil’ dog licked your arm, you can no longer use that arm.
-       You play like this until all your body parts die.  Once all your body parts die, then you are dead…and must lay where you were last licked.
-       House rules are acceptable!  The more imagination, the better!
Deciding the winner:
-       The winner is the LAST person still alive.
Game # 2:

‘Brockey’ is an imaginary term.  It stems from the words BROOM and HOCKEY.  (Apparently it's a real game.  Of course..ours is BETTER!)
Players: 3
In order to play, you will need:
-       Brooms, one for each player
-       Roller blades, a pair for each player
-       Tennis ball
-       Suggestion – pads! (Let’s be safe people!)
 The object of the game:  SCORE!
Getting started:
-       Choose two hockey players (note, you will be on opposing teams)
-       Choose a goalie (note, you will guard one goal for both teams)
-       Choose a goal.  (The goal must be the doorway to another room…)
-       The opposing team members start in the center of the room with the tennis ball on the ground…each in a HOCKEY pose.
-       The goalie says GO, and you try to get the tennis ball into the next room…using the BROOM and your skates…that’s it!
-       The goalie doesn’t want ANYONE to score…and can stop you from scoring however they want.
-       House rules are acceptable!  The more imagination, the better!
Deciding the winner:
a.    The goalie either decides the winner…
b.   Or the person with the most goals wins.
Game # 3:
Hot, deathly, killing, monstrous LAVA

Players: 3
In order to play, you will need:
-       Lots of furniture.
 The object of the game:  Don’t die from the LAVA…
-       You want to go from one end of the house to the other, WITHOUT touching the floor. 
-       This will involve lots of jumping…and screaming…close calls…and even death!
-       House rules are acceptable!  The more imagination, the better!
Deciding the winner:
You are a winner as long as you can make it to the other end of the house – without dying!
Have FUN!
What were your favorite games to play as a kid?  - The Happy Book

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