Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Songs

As my grandpa Jimmy says, there is a song for everything. 
As a fan of ‘instrumental music’…I want to introduce my second series. 
The first was not officially established; to rewind a little, the happy list. 
The second though…will be a list of happy songs. 
These songs are simply those you wish to share with others. 
The list will start off small, but will grow as the weeks pass.
I will post the music video, link, pictures, a story, etc.; something to represent what I think the song is saying, and why it makes me happy.
Feel free to add to my list. 
Of course, you’re always welcome to create a list of your own.
Of course…the first song on the list is related to… CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
I would tell you what it is, but what’s the fun in that? 
Just see the HAPPY SONGS page…and don’t forget to SING ALONG!

Start a list of happy songs here.  Try to add a new song every week.  Ask your friends to contribute.  – The Happy Book

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